9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Worship Service
6:30 PM Bible Study

6:30 PM Bible Study


The following is a list of links to other teachings that we feel will be helpful to you.:

  • WZXV 99.7 "The Word"
    The Radio Ministry of Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes.
    An Online Bible Site with over 50 versions and 30 languages!
  • World Net Daily
    A free press for a free people.
  • Dave Hunt: The Berean Call
    Warns of "unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church."
  • Chuck Missler: Koinonia House
    Topics ranging from prophecy to current events, to practical Christian living.
  • E- Sword
    Free Bible study software for Windows. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly. Prepare great sermons and awesome Bible studies.
  • MacSword
    Similar to E-Sword but for Mac users. (Viewing software only, Bibles and other text must be added manually)
  • Every Student
    A safe place to explore issues about college, life, and what it might be like to know God.
  • The American Family Association
    America's Largest Pro-Family Action Site, Promoting Traditional Family Values

For the Children:
Here are a couple of websites that might be helpful and fun if you have children or work with children.